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The physicians at Northwest Memory Center are specifically trained in the area of restoring brain health. We bring decades of experience in the fields of functional and integrative medicine and match the depth of our experience with a passion for health of the brain.


Deborah Gordon, M.D, is the founder and medical director of Northwest Memory Center, LLC. She has had a lifelong—well, since high school!—interest in health and wellness, which she has incorporated in an integrative medical practice in southern Oregon for more than thirty years. She has a strong interest in healthy and adoptable lifestyle choices that impact the appearance or persistence of health problems, with a particular focus in choices that affect cognitive health.

After obtaining a degree in English Literature, and a few years “sowing wild oats,” she attended medical school at the prestigious University of California at San Francisco and then went on to the affiliated Family Practice Residency program in Santa Rosa, California, where she served as Chief Resident.

In addition to her medical practice, she “walks her talk,” enjoying a nature-filled country home where she and her wife host numerous pets and also raise chickens and various other animals to fill the freezer and grace the dinner table. She is a competitive rower, a sometimes cyclist and hiker, and the founder of the Siskiyou Challenge, a multi-sport relay event that benefits her favorite charity, Rogue Valley Farm to School.




Renée is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with a passion for health, relationships, and family. She brings together valuable skills, wide-ranging experience, and solid credentials to support you in the changes you want to make to improve your overall health, memory and cognitive wellness. Known to many as “Coach RARA” for her initials and upbeat attitude, Renée loves to encourage, honor and support others.

Renée is familiar with all aspects of the Bredesen Protocol as she supports patients who are part of a clinical study. She has embraced many aspects of the protocol and felt the health benefits herself of eating keto, fasting, exercising, etc. 

Renée also has personal experience of what it is to be a caregiver. She assisted and lived next door to her diabetic father as he navigated dozens of operations. She physically cared for both her parents at the end of their lives.  

In addition, Renée teaches communication and team building to employees at La Clinica, a healthcare non-profit in Medford, OR. She believes in giving back by mentoring youth and promoting leadership and community engagement. 

Renée has been with her husband for 34 years and has two grown daughters who live on the East Coast. RARA loves to travel, cook healthy food, and walk on the ranch with her British husband, yellow lab and two cats, who always come along.



Karen is a compassionate Health Coach. Her work involves supporting individuals with cognitive decline, chronic pain, and complex health conditions. She sees clients make improvements in their health by addressing manageable factors such as stress, food, sleep, body awareness, and movement. It can be overwhelming doing this alone. As a coach she is there to help people make changes with support and clarity. Exploring areas such as hope, meaning, and purpose often connects her clients to their inner motivation to heal. This often results in a creative, personalized and successful journey towards wellness.

Karen’s personal experience of loss as a result of Alzheimer’s Disease, helps her to understand the challenges and fears of cognitive decline. Dr. Dale Bredesen’s work, The End of Alzheimer’s and The Brain’s Way of Healing by Norman Doidge have brought Karen HOPE for healing the brain and motivated her to provide Health coaching for those concerned or struggling with cognitive decline.

Karen and her spouse are watching their two daughters quickly grow. They keep her young at heart…. whether camping, biking, sledding, wrestling, reading, or laughing. She is refreshed and slows down by savoring moments in nature.

Karen has a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology and a Bachelor degree in Education. She is certified as a Health Coach by the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, and has received training through Dr. Dale Bredesen’s program, Reversing Cognitive Decline: Advanced Clinical Training.

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