Becoming a Patient

Patients consult Northwest Memory Center for one of three reasons:

  1. Treatment and support: You or a family member has cognitive problems.
  2. Prevention: You want to avoid future problems.
  3. Fine tuning and optimizing: Your brain is not working as well as well as it should.


Cognitive Treatment Plan

Patients seeking treatment for cognitive problems are most likely to succeed with a family-centered team approach. The package consists of a thorough evaluation, a personalized comprehensive protocol, health coaching, and nutritionist support.


Prevention Plan

Patients wishing to prevent future cognitive problems merit an equally thorough investigation to properly stage recommendations. The package consists of a thorough evaluation and personalized comprehensive protocol.


Planning and Fine-Tuning Consultations

Patients seeking consultation for planning or fine-tuning can schedule with a physician and seek coaching and/or nutritional support as needed. Consultations are arranged and billed on an hourly basis and must be cleared with office staff.

Sign Up for a Plan

New patient appointments are scheduled through our office at the earliest available time, usually within one month. During the initial Physician Office Visit your doctor will inform you whether you are a Treatment or Prevention patient. Please call (541) 482-8333 to schedule your first appointment.




Two 90 Min. Office Visits



One Comprehensive Report/Protocol



Initial 90 Min. Visit

+ One 30 Min. Follow-up Appointment



Initial 90 Min. Visit

+ One 45 Min. Follow-up Appointment

TOTAL BASE PRICE $1,700 $1,150



NOTE: Each patient is expected to pay a $150.00 deposit one week before the initial appointment and a payment of $1000 the day of the initial appointment. This will cover the initial two Physician Office Visits and Comprehensive Report.


Not included are charges for:

  • Laboratory tests. Most of the lab charges (but not all) are well covered by conventional insurance plans, including Medicare, and should be covered even though we are not Medicare providers.
  • The processing of MRIs outside of imaging facilities.
  • Medications and supplements, although a 10% discount is applied to all in-house or online supplement purchases.  
  • Any additional phone or office appointments requested or required.
  • Additional health coaching and/or nutritionist support after the initial two sessions (Treatment Plan).
  • After hours calls to the providers.

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