Here’s a few answers to common questions:

What does Northwest Memory Center offer patients?

We greatly value preventative and functional medicine and will help you evaluate and optimize your own health. Your individualized treatment will be chosen in a collaboration that starts with learning all we can about you and your concerns. We will investigate your personal health and exposure history, your genetics, as well as current and comprehensive testing. Your initial evaluation will include interviews, cognitive testing, lab testing of blood and urine, as well as neuro-imaging if necessary. After the initial evaluation you will be supported by our care team to get you on the path to wellness!  

I am not sure whether I am considered a memory care patient. How do I know?

If you have any questions about the suitability of our offerings for you, please contact the office for a no-charge 15-minute “Meet and Greet” appointment. That appointment can be in person, by phone or by Skype or FaceTime.

I don’t live in Ashland, how can I consult with your physicians?

New patients who live in the State of Oregon may meet with us in person, by phone or via video chat. If you live outside of the State of Oregon, your first meeting with us must be in person.

I don’t think I need a Health Coach or a Nutritionist, my spouse can help me.

We are very glad your spouse is on board with your program, but it is our experience that the most successful clients also work with health coaches and/or a nutritionist. For most people there are many details to learn, seemingly “all at once”, when you start. A health coach can help with planning, program implementation, formulating questions and strategizing potential pitfalls. A nutritionist will help you by creating meal plans, deciphering any food related parts of your individualized protocol, and will answer questions related to your new dietary changes. 

Do I have to be able to use a computer?

There are many handy tools available by computer or smart phone, but they are not at all necessary for successful implementation of the program.

How will Northwest Memory Center physicians interact with my primary care physician?

We are happy to provide results of consultations and testing with any other person at your request, including your physician.

Does Northwest Memory Center accept insurance?

We do not accept insurance at this time. We can offer you a Health Insurance Claim Form to bill your insurance for reimbursement. Insurance reimbursement is based on individual plans and our staff does not have knowledge of patient coverage due to the variability in plans. 

Will my labs and imaging be covered by my insurance?

Most lab charges (but not all) are well covered by conventional insurance plans, including Medicare, and should be covered even though we are not Medicare providers. There may be a charge for the processing of MRIs outside of imaging facilities but generally imaging is covered by conventional insurance. 

I’m ready to begin working with the Northwest Memory Center team. What’s next?

If you are ready to dive into working with Northwest Memory Center you can call our office to schedule your first appointment or a complementary 15-min “Meet and Greet”. As stated above, it is required that out-of-state patients have their first appointment in person at our Ashland, Oregon office. 

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