Health Coaches at NMC: Why?

Health Coaches play an important role at Northwest Memory Center (NMC).

Have you ever worked with a health coach before? Physicians who recommend lifestyle changes are finding that patients who do work with a health coach have much greater success in changing old habits for new possibilities! How exactly does a health coach help you find success?

Your coach helps you fill in the gaps between where you are now and where you want to be regarding your health. Your coach works with you to help you achieve your agenda.

At your first visit to NMC you meet your doctor, who takes some time to learn who you are. Your doctor will also start the process of creating for you an individualized health plan to optimize your brain health. You meet with your coach shortly after your first doctor’s appointment. Working with your coach, you begin to put your health plan into action.

If your care partner is available and you are comfortable with the idea, you can invite him/her to join your coaching sessions as part of your team. Communication is important for your improvement and success. Your coach helps you and your partner/family gain clarity as you consider the options and your next best steps.  

Your coach helps you to clarify what changes you want to make, and supports you as you establish new habits. While some changes may at first seem challenging, your coach partners with you to problem solve, and helps you to remain resourceful.

Your health plan is designed specifically for you, and encourages healthy lifestyle habits, including:

  • adding nutrients through food and supplements
  • getting good sleep
  • exercising regularly
  • improving your brain function in new ways
  • managing stress and
  • participating in activities that give you a sense of wellness.

Creating and maintaining good health is a journey! Your coach listens to what you think and feel about creating new habits. S/he encourages you to reaffirm what brings meaning and purpose to your life, and to understand how you can stay motivated to continue your health plan. Your coach serves as your ally and advocate every step of the way.

All along the way, your interests, strengths, ideas, and goals are respectfully acknowledged and integrated as part of your health plan. You identify what or who has helped you overcome challenges in the past and you draw on your own experience and wisdom to continue to expand your network of support. 

Your coach meets you where you are in the process of improving your cognitive functioning and helps you to develop your internal resources and resilience. You, along with your coach and your care partner, navigate the challenges and celebrate your progress as you make informed choices about your health and wellness. Together, you celebrate your achievements and navigate the challenges on your journey toward health and wellness.

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